Profit Boosters Copywriting Checklist

You can use this copywriting checklist whilst you are copywriting – or to evaluate copywriting. It is based on what works first-rate from over 1,two hundred copywriting initiatives we have finished considering 1978. It will lead to significantly greater response out of your copywriting.

Before writing:

1. Study the company and the product/provider being offered very well so that you have all the facts you may need.

2. Research the potentialities and the market to determine what advantages the prospect desires maximum, secondary advantages wanted, objections, and what might get him to buy now. Key: Don’t bet; research.

3. Develop the principle feelings you can touch together with your copywriting for this venture, and the way you’ll do it. The most powerful emotions are love, worry, greed, popularity, survival, anger, and fitness.

Four. Think like your prospect; and no longer like the marketer.

Five. Develop the first-class offer(s) you could make to the prospect. Your offer consists of pricing, terms, bonuses and guarantee.

At this point, you know the corporation and product, what the target prospect desires maximum, his objections, the main feelings you could contact, and you’ve developed a amazing provide.

Headline and start of reproduction:

6. Write as a minimum 20 unique headlines earlier than choosing the exceptional one.

Headline winners encompass a large, formidable promise of the advantages the prospect wishes maximum, precise figures, a assure, credibility enhancers, a unique provide.

Legendary entrepreneurs John Caples and Claude Hopkins proved that one headline can pull 10 instances the reaction as any other headline … and not using a other changes inside the copywriting.

7. Start of replica need to re-put into effect the principle gain(s) of the headline, complicated, and incorporate the secondary benefits the possibility wants maximum.

Body of copy:

8. Develop the prospect hassle and ache factors. Reinforce how those troubles will continue to be or even worsen except he’s taking movement, and how your product/service is the excellent answer.

Nine. Copywriting ought to be first man or woman, one-to-one, conversational.

10. List the potentialities likely objections to shopping for, and conquer those objections.

11. Sincerely flatter the prospect if you may.

12. Get the prospect to mentally “picture and experience” the end-end result benefits of buying.

13. Use testimonials, specifics, assessments, clients, studies, success testimonies and memberships to feature credibility and believability.

14. Be sure it is straightforward to examine and “experiment”. Use sub headlines with prospect advantages, quick sentences, quick paragraphs.

15. If any copy is stupid or dull, cut it or revise it.

Sixteen. If the waft receives slowed or stopped at any factor within the reproduction, repair it.

17. Copywriting ought to be passionate, enthusiastic.

18. Create urgency to get a reaction now.

19. Tell the chance what he’ll lose if he does not reply now.

20. Tell the chance precisely what to do.

21. Close, Close, Close. Get movement now.

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