I Love You Letter To My Husband

Letter to a husband after infidelity…an internet meme. Here’s my most recent love letter to my husband — hubs says i should share it because it speaks volumes on marriage in general.

Love letter To my husband GW, without u I would not be

So, my darling marc i adore you and love you with all my heart.


I love you letter to my husband. I don’t know that it’s anything amazing but it might just be the little something you were needing to hear to encourage you, remind you, or maybe even inspire you. My love, sometimes i just look at you and i feel so lucky to have you, but i don’t say anything. I am committed to our marriage until death do us part.

I am writing this letter as a token of my love for you, as a keepsake for you to treasure, and as a reminder of my commitment to us and to our life together. I love you, i adore you, my imagination and my body know how to tell you far better than my mouth or fingers on the keyboard. I will love you forever, that i am sure.

My problems somehow just vanish when you are beside me. But i'm thankful that it's been hard. I am proud to call you my husband.

A love letter to my husband. I promise to always pray for us and our family. For being open, gentle, fun, committed to our relationship and for allowing yourself to express how you feel.

Dear husband, can you find a place in your big heart to forgive me? I love you because you are accepting of others and willing to love the unlovable, a quality i wish i had more of and because of. I am blessed to have you by my side.

My vocabulary seems so imprecise, so small, so poor when compared to the intense ball of love lying inside of me. Here are a few romantic letters you can begin with: I have been so lucky to be loved by you.

Thank you for noticing, and reminding me that you do. I am so grateful to have you in my life until my day come. I love you with all my heart, forever and always.

I promise to love you above any disagreements we may have and never hold it against you. Having you as my husband is indeed a blessing. I love you, your wife

Thank you so much for giving me the best life and beautiful loving memories. It is true, i was skeptical in the beginning, but you made me feel so loved and comfortable, that i cannot imagine a life without you. The guilt of my misbehavior has so much consumed me that my tongue seems lost.

Thank you for being everything i hoped for, but more so, for being so much more than that. My heart can’t stay in place ever since you’ve entered it, i wish i could always be near you, against you. Wishes of a happy birthday of course, but not only.

Romantic quotes to inspire the perfect love letter. My head is hung down because of i made you feel. I want you to know that i love you, all of you, and i always will.

Thank you for choosing me to be your wife and thank you for being my best friend. Sometimes, the offender feels the pain more than the offended. You do so much more than just be there for myself and our family, you inspire me, you uplift me, and you always bring a smile to my face.

A letter to my future husband. Having you by my side makes every day a great day. For you, there’ll be no more crying for you, the sun will be shining

• happy birthday dear husband! I can even believe that you truly love me and that your indiscretion hurts you emotionally much the. A good morning love letter to wife or husband does not have to.

I love you not because of who you are but because of how you make me feel! Somehow i think you already know this. Happy anniversary, my dear husband.” “you are my sun, as you give me light in the darkest hour of my life.

I understand that you wish all this never happened and that it would all just go away. I feel like the luckiest girl on earth for having you, my beloved husband, in my life. You find a way to make a better version of me without any effort.

Not only do you make my world a better place, you are my world. I am extremely lucky to have you as my husband. I tried to fill this letter with all my love.

You go to the ends of the earth to provide for our family everything we need plus what we want. For your birthday this year, i wanted to mark the occasion with a few words of love, our love, to accompany my best wishes. And because of that, i only hope to be the ideal wife to you.

A heartfelt love letter to my husband, the most wonderful man i ever met. I love you because you are out going and you have always encouraged me to get out more and savor the opportunities to build relationships and collect experience. Late at night when you are asleep i just stay there, in our bed, thinking of us and i realize you are the love of my life, the man who made my life complete, the reason i smile every day.

You are without a doubt the most kind, loving, thoughtful and sweetest person i have ever met. God was working on you, even while you were pulling away. I am so proud of the man that you have become.

I love you because your knowledge of god challenges me to know him as well as you do. “love is the most precious thing that you have been giving me all my life. Dear husband, the day we married is one of the best days of my life, as on that day i found my best friend for life.

A beautiful letter to my husband on his 30th birthday. I found everything i was looking for when i met you. You have changed so much in the past nine years, that it is unbelievable.

I think of you throughout the day, and for no reason at all. I'm thankful because it means this is for real. Thank you for standing by my side at.

All that’s good in my life is because of you! Here’s to many, many, many more years with you by my side, the man i have the pleasure of getting to know with each and every passing day. You are my rock and my strength.

We may not always see eye to eye on everything, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work together to build a fruitful life together. You are my past and my present. I know you are feeling the pain of guilt and confusion.

Hi sweety, i realize i haven’t written you a love letter in far too long. And that we're going to make it through no matter what. And you are my moon, as you give me comfort when i need it the most.

Love, you are always be the best husband, father, soulmate that i could ever wish for.

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