Free Home Hiv Test Scotland

Waiting two weeks after unprotected sex to take the test will provide a more accurate result. It 99.7% accurate at finding hiv, and 99.9% accurate at giving a negative test result.

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Order a free home hiv test if you live in scotland.


Free home hiv test scotland. Get your free hiv postal test now. If you use one of our self testing kits it will provide a result within 15 minutes. Order your free hiv self test now at

Order your free hiv self test now at Phe | free hiv testing (england): Sh london | free hiv and sti testing (london only):

If you use postal testing, the lab will normally contact you a week or so later with your result. We don’t offer hepatitis b or c testing online but this is available in our clinics. Sh:24 | free hiv and sti testing (based on location):

An hiv test is highly accurate 45 days (about 6 weeks) after sex. Order a free hiv postal test. Others offer 15 mins results.

You can now order free confidential sti test kits by post for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, hiv and syphilis if you live within one of our service areas, are over 16 and don’t have any symptoms. You may be eligible for a free hiv postal test from We also offer free tests:

Self test and get reliable results in 72 hours. Home testing is a way for you to test for hiv and stis from the comfort of your own home. We are also able to offer free postal tests in most of essex.

You will be given the option to donate after you complete your order. This test is for people who do not know their hiv status, or whose last test was negative. It uses a spot of blood to find out if you have been exposed to hiv.

It is recommended that all gay and bisexual men who have sex with men test for hiv and stis at least once a year. For hiv testing, you need to wait 6 weeks to take a test in order to get the most accurate result. Prep aims to prevent hiv infection among people at highest risk of infection as part of a comprehensive approach to hiv prevention, this is alongside regular hiv testing and safer sex practices.

You can also be tested at a gp for free. In scotland, sexual health services can test you for free for hiv, and you can use the sexual health scotland service finder to find your local clinic. If we aren't running a service near you, search for your nearest sexual health.

As most people get hiv from someone who doesn’t know they have it, if we all get to know our hiv status we can reduce the chances of this happening. Visit one of our services below to test in person. Hiv self test scotland | free hiv testing (scotland):

If you are worried about the risk of hiv exposure in the last 72 hours please ring us on 0141 211 8130 as you may need treatment, pep, to prevent infection. If you use postal testing, the lab will normally contact you a week or so later with your result. You dont need to send your sample off to get your result.

Anyone living in scotland who isn't eligible for a free test through our service will be able to access one through the new hiv self test scotland scheme when it reopens. Use our free online hiv test finder to see the options available in your area. The test is fast, confidential and simple.

Order a free hiv test kit delivered discreetly to your home. If you are on prep or thinking about starting, please read this information about self testing and prep. If you’ve had unprotected sex, especially if it’s with a new partner, you should have an sti test even if you don’t have any symptoms.

If you use one of our self testing kits it will provide a result within 15 minutes. In england, you can get a free postal test from During january and february, order a free hiv postal test.

Syphilis can take up to 12 weeks to show up on a test after sex. Most orders will be dispatched within 4 working days.

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