7 Essential Tips for Reviewing Copy

Nothing can flip strong copy right into a 97-pound weakling quicker than a mistaken overview manner. The result is seriously handicapped marketing efforts and, lamentably, fewer income.

How are you able to avoid this dire advertising scenario?

By having a smart and consistent overview manner that preserves the selling strength of your advertising communications. Following are 7 critical pointers for reviewing and approving copy.

1. Review the copy from the customers’ perspective.

On the first pass, examine the replica (it all) with out your purple pen in hand or enhancing hat on. That’s how your customers or target market will read it. Now, what do you observed? Does the idea paintings? Did the headline clutch your interest? How was the tone? Does the replica go with the flow? If you begin by way of editing the first sentence or sweating the details, you will do your clients or clients a disservice.

2. Don’t get hung up on grammar and utilization.

If you think the copywriter broke a writing rule, nine times out of 10 there has been an brilliant purpose. Copywriters are income people in print, so if we take liberty with the English language, it’s for effect. Plus, be conscious that copywriters (and proofreaders) evaluation and correct the copy before you notice it. For instance, I take into account spelling, grammar, fashion issues, trademark usage, and greater to ensure the nice control of each piece of replica I write.

three. Avoid replica by way of committee.

There’s that old joke that says if you need to kill an concept or project, begin a committee. Copy by means of committee is not any exceptional. Conflicting and misguided comments placed the copywriter and creative crew inside the awkward function of looking to please everybody except who matters most — the meant audience. One way around this is to circulate informational copies to individuals who would really like to look the copy. They could make feedback without being a part of the formal approval manner.

four. Minimize the rounds.

Provide whole comments on the first round, forwarding all your remarks, suggestions, and changes to the copywriter. That manner the copywriter can take into account the whole lot whilst she or he rewrites the replica and you can shorten the evaluate cycle. Copy is usually stronger while it’s created in 3 or fewer rounds.

5. Provide precise comments.

When you provide particular feedback, the possibilities of succeeding on the rewrite enhance dramatically. For instance, instead of pronouncing, "This isn’t strong sufficient," say, "The tone needs to be greater authoritative" or "These are additional benefits the copy need to cowl." Often instances placing your remarks in writing will assist you be greater specific than in case you just provide them orally.

6. Let the copywriter rewrite the copy.

Instead of looking to "write" the changes your self to be incorporated, inform the copywriter your concerns and let her or him deal with them. The replica will gain when the copywriter does the rewriting.

7. Judge the replica based totally upon your objectives.

In the stop, the replica turned into written with specific objectives in mind: to build your emblem, generate leads or income, tell about your business enterprise, merchandise, or offerings, and so on. Make certain the replica is technically correct and factually accurate. Then critique the replica based totally upon what you need it to accomplish, now not on the quantity of superlatives, your competitor’s latest advert campaign, or the way it compares for your previous brochure.

(c) 2005 Neil Sagebiel

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