Writing Benefit-Driven Web Copy – 4 Steps to More Sales

You’ve diagnosed the blessings you provide your customers, but how do you turn a list of benefits into engaging internet replica which converts site visitors into customers?

Recently I wrote a piece of writing explaining a way to perceive the advantages you offer your clients (http://www.Divinewrite.Com/advantages.Htm). That article challenged enterprise owners and advertising managers to assume in phrases of advantages as opposed to capabilities when writing their web replica.

What the thing didn’t discuss changed into the way to definitely write the web copy once they had diagnosed their blessings. That’s what this text is about. (It even offers you a couple of templates you could use to make your task a whole lot easier!)

As a internet site copywriter, many of the tasks I adopt are completely new websites. The purchaser has some standard thoughts about what they’d want to bring, but they want someone who can high-quality-music their message, and create internet copy (and an internet structure) which engages their readers. As a end result, over the years I’ve evolved a technique for doing this efficiently. There are 4 most important steps:

1) Identify benefits

2) Identify the way you deliver these blessings

3) Prioritise your advantages

four) Write the content material

Although this newsletter touches on step 1, it’s more often than not about steps 2, 3, and four.


Branding apart, maximum web sites are approximately selling. Customers don’t need to recognise what you can do; they need to know what you may do for THEM. That approach the primary question you have to ask is, “What blessings do I offer my clients?” This is commonly the first step towards identifying the key message to be conveyed.

That’s not to mention that your website shouldn’t describe your products and services. You simply want to ensure it describes them in terms of benefits on your patron.

But blessings identity is outside the scope of this text. If you’d like to discover extra about the way to have interaction your client with advantages, visit http://www.Divinewrite.Com/benefits.Htm.


Of course, you could’t simply claim to deliver advantages and stop at that. You need to guide that declare. On your internet site, you’re going to want to persuade your audience that you genuinely do supply these advantages. Anyone can say they supply benefits, but few can say it persuasively.

From step 1 you’ll have a list of benefits. Now you want to consider the way you supply each advantage in that list. This is where you begin speakme about features – charge, product highlights, distribution channel, competitor weaknesses, external factors, USPs, and many others. It’s beneficial if you draw up a desk with one column for advantages and one for the capabilities which deliver those advantages. (Click http://www.Divinewrite.Com/downloads/benefitsfeatures.Doc to download an example Benefits-Features desk – 20KB.)

You’ll probably find this system tons easier than identifying blessings. In truth, you’ve likely got maximum of this records written down already… somewhere. If no longer, probabilities are you uncovered a very good portion of it while you were brainstorming for benefits.

TIP: If you’re having trouble figuring out supporting features, before filling out the desk, try list the whole thing you could consider which relates to what you do and the way you do it. Don’t worry approximately the order. Just braindump onto a bit of paper, a whiteboard, a Word file, anywhere… Don’t depart anything out, even though it seems unimportant. (You’d be amazed how critical even the most insignificant details can become when you start assigning them to benefits.) If you begin getting lost, suppose back to the query you’re looking to answer: How do you deliver your list of blessings to your client? Once you’ve completed your braindump, examine thru it and decide which specific advantage every function gives you.


Now that you’ve identified all the things you COULD say, it’s time to figure out what you SHOULD say and in which you ought to say it. This is wherein your benefits-capabilities desk comes into play. Read thru your list of benefits and prioritise them consistent with how compelling they’ll be to your reader.

The purpose for this? Priority determines prominence. The most compelling benefits will want to be outstanding in your web site.

TIP: Be conscious that your listing may additionally consist of a few benefits which everyone on your commercial enterprise class may want to claim. In other words, they’re now not just specific on your employer, however observe to the sort of service you offer. For example, if you promote a Content Management System (CMS) for internet site creation, you may list “Greater manipulate for advertising managers” and “Less rate updating content” as advantages. Every CMS vendor ought to claim these advantages, so that you’ll want to impeach their significance. Will they differentiate you out of your competitors. Generic blessings can be useful if none of your competition are using them, or if you experience you want to educate your marketplace a piece earlier than launching into organization-precise advantages.


So now you understand what you’d like to mention, it’s time to decide how to say it. This is ready three matters:

i) Subject – What is the problem of your web page; features or benefits?

Ii) Structure – How do you shape your web page such that your customers will examine your maximum compelling blessings?

Iii) Words – What words have to you operate to first-class engage your target audience (and the search engines like google)?

The the rest of this text is devoted to Subject and Structure. For similarly discussion of Words, see http://www.Divinewrite.Com/webwriting.Htm and http://www.Divinewrite.Com/seocopy.Htm).


What is the issue of your website online; features or benefits? The answer to this question lies in audience identification. If your target audience is aware of a chunk approximately the sort of service or product you’re promoting, lead with features (e.G. Processor velocity, turnaround time, uptime, expertise, instructional qualifications, extensive product range, and so forth.). But ensure you communicate approximately their advantages, and make sure the features presenting the maximum critical advantages are the maximum outstanding.

Here’s a simplified example…

“Cool Widgets gives:

— Standard Operating Environment – Significantly reducing the complexity of your IT infrastructure

— System upgrades that are less high priced to license – Providing splendid TCO discounts”

In instances in which you’re promoting to an target audience who knows very little about your products or services, lead with advantages (e.G. If you’re promoting some thing technical to a non-technical audience).

Here’s the identical simplified example, reversed for a amateur target audience…

“Cool Widgets gives:

— Reduced complexity of IT infrastructure – We can enforce a Standard Operating Environment for your corporation

— Reduced TCO – We can improve your IT to structures which can be less high-priced to license”


How do you shape your website such that your clients will make certain to examine your maximum compelling advantages? The answer is, maintain it short ‘n candy. And make it scannable. This doesn’t mean you have to cut features or benefits. You just need to shape your website to deal with your message.

While every web site is unique, typically of thumb it’s an amazing idea to introduce your foremost capabilities and blessings on your property web page. Summarise them – preferably using bullet points, however at the least, certainly highlight them in order that your target audience can scan-study (e.G. Ambitious, underline, color, hyperlink).

Then link from each summarised feature or advantage to an in depth description. Try to preserve each page to about 2 hundred-400 phrases. You can also need numerous pages to detail all of your functions and benefits. (Click http://www.Divinewrite.Com/downloads/pagestructure.Document to download a web page structure template – 29KB.)

TIP: In cases wherein you want to introduce functions and blessings which might be widely wide-spread for your field (instead of unique in your supplying), your property web page is typically the first-class region to do it. From there, you can cause a 2d page summarising the precise capabilities and benefits of your imparting.


Web reproduction is about a long way extra than just clever words. It’s essential which you perceive the blessings you offer your consumer, and that you may convince your patron you certainly deliver those benefits.

I wish that the steering and gear furnished in this article will assist you to your manner to engaging net replica which converts to sales.

Happy writing!

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