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What would happen if…? I’m a person to continually ask that query. I love checking out and monitoring to peer what factors can improve or get worse a situation. So, it changed into handiest natural for me to music the moves of a little experiment I did concerning search engine optimization copywriting recently. I’ll gladly proportion my findings with you.

Before I do, but, I want to make a pair of things very clear. The final results of this test will no longer be the equal for each keyphrase on every page of each website online. There are too many unknown elements at play in the usual search engine optimization equation. Not to say, all keyphrases are not the equal, and all sites are not the same. In addition, this test takes no account of link recognition, which is a large factor in attaining high scores. With that stated, allow me show you the way I took the house web page of one of my web sites – that did not even rank in the top 50 – and brought about it to rank in the top 10.

First of all, I’m now not a massive fan of checking ratings on a regular basis. I do not run rating reviews for all my sites to be sure they’re all in the positions I want them in for every given keyphrase. I’ll do it once in a while simply to fulfill my personal occasional curiosity. This test started out once I noticed the house web page of one among my websites became ranking tremendously for a keyphrase that did not appear to seem anywhere in the textual content. Upon further research, I saw that the keyphrase become blanketed within the ALT tags (a.Ok.A. Photograph characteristic tags) and that it changed into additionally protected in the name tag.

I knew ALT tags previously carried a whole lot of weight with the engines, but have been downgraded in importance because web page owners had badly abused the tag. Had ALT tags been reinstated of their degree of significance? I decided to find out.

Keyword #1 became currently in the ALT tags and the title tag, so I decided to remove the keyword in the title tag. This might allow me see if the ALT tags on my own ought to maintain the location in the seek engine results pages (SERPs). To make matters extra thrilling, I also determined to investigate and discover a key-word that become a bit more aggressive and insert it into the name tag. On the same day I removed Keyword #1 from the identify tag, I inserted Keyword #2. My home page turned into no longer ranked within the top 50 at that time for Keyword #2.

A few days later, the Googlebot got here by using and boosted my home page to position #18 for Keyword #2. Not terrible! The web page fell one spot (from #17 to #18) for Keyword #1 because the elimination of the word from the name tag.

Keep in mind, these are not the maximum competitive keywords ever regarded. They every got between one hundred to two hundred searches a day. Also, the house page of this unique site were (and still is) nicely ranked for years for different keyphrases and had a wonderful legacy with Google.

Five days later, Keyword #2 was moved up 3 notches to a ranking of #14 while Keyword #1 stayed the same. Things remained of their fame quo for more or less 10 days and then started to shift once more. Keyword #1, the original that was previously in each the ALT tags and the title tag, vanished completely. It changed into now not located in the top 50. Keyword #2, that changed into only observed in the identify tag and nowhere else, dropped to put #25.

Four days later, Keyword #2 changed into back up in the ratings and became now at #16. To see if I ought to improve scores further, I commenced to make small tweaks to the page attributes. I delivered Keyword #2 to the ALT tags (taking the places wherein Keyword #1 had as soon as been), and I additionally added Keyword #2 to the body replica. The keyphrase changed into delivered to 1, bold sub-headline and at three places inside the body replica: none of which have been above the fold. It changed into now not brought to any number one headlines that used tags, and no key-word density formulation become followed for the frame replica. No different pages on my site used this term as anchor text in links pointing to the home web page. That gave the page keyword placement inside the:

· Title tag

· ALT tags

· Body reproduction

Seven days later, the house web page hit the top 10 for Keyword #2!

So, what does all this mean? Simple. There is not any single primary aspect in search engine ratings. It takes stability, trying out and monitoring to find out what works on your specific pages. Your satisfactory wager is to do precisely what I did… begin one step at a time and tune your progress. Did some thing motive a advantageous movement? Keep it. If something causes a poor shift, take it out.

I’m now not completed with this web page but. I’ll maintain trying various things on occasion simply to look what takes place. Maybe I’ll add anchor text hyperlinks from the internal pages to the home web page. I may strive writing articles with keyword-wealthy anchor textual content hyperlinks to help boost the scores extra. There are many suitable practices I can implement for this page (or any web page) a good way to allow me to have a look at the shifts in ranking. As the antique announcing is going, "Don’t positioned all your eggs in one basket." A varied approach to SEO copywriting that consists of tags, copy and links is continually a sensible start down the street to top 10 scores.

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