Oil Lubricated Vs Oil Free Compressor

An oil free compressor has less parts than an oil lubricated compressor so therefore is lighter in weight, as well as cheaper in cost. This is due to the high compression ratio will be achieved in a single stage of this compressor.

Is an OilFree Compressor Really Better? Air compressor

Oil air compressors are likely to be more durable and more functional.


Oil lubricated vs oil free compressor. The oil lubricated have the same construction of hvac reciprocating compressor but the oil free have less good construction, the piston and the connecting rod are made one piece so the piston and connecting rod like t and the piston move with 2 angles with the same action of crankshaft and the o ring work hard to compensate this effect. An air compressor using oil needs to have it changed constantly. After effects an air compressor gets its power from sources like an electric motor, diesel, or gasoline engine.

Some oil free compressors use injected water to remove the heat created by the compression process. However, there seems to be unnecessary confusion because some people compare all different types of compressors at once when in fact the debate, at its core. They are the most common type with the traditional lubricating system.

Pressure lubrication is the system of choice for heavy duty applications. Oil free compressors can only support small amounts of usage and have a shorter life span, so would be ideal for more domestic applications. Generally, oil lubricated air compressors are more durable than units with oil free design.

They require oiling and changing the oil on a regular basis. Therefore, it’s a great choice for industrial compressors. Therefore, it is inexpensive than an oil air compressor.

Oil lubricated compressors last longer. Routine maintenance and regular oiling tended to make oiled compressors more durable and have a longer lifespan than the first. The traditional oil compressors apply two methods of lubrication.

How many oil changes will depend on its design and the total period it has been utilized. The answer is quite simple.

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